Nicolè Traslochi was born on January 26, 1963, the owner Alfredo Nicolè,
an official in a national shipping company



Nicolè Traslochi was created on the 28th of January 1963. The owner Alfredo Nicolè was a former corporate executive in a national shipping company and with his new company he started to satisfy small moving requests that, at that time, were considered unprofitable by big enterprises. Entrusting one’s own home move to an external business was then a privilege for the few.


Nicolè Traslochi soon became the reference point for this kind of removals. Thanks to the structure of the houses in that period the company carried out two or three relocations a day, satisfying the client and taking care of every detail at very modest prices.


Over the time, market needs have changed and Nicolè Traslochi has evolved by enhancing and expanding its range of services, maintaining the high quality and the successful completion of the removals, satisfying even the most demanding clients. The company remained property of the family until 1994, when it was taken over by others entrepreneurs, who, having the same vocation as the previous owners, enabled its growth and its consolidation. The company’s management remained unchanged and so did the attention it pays to the market changes and thus the quality of the services it offers. Conscious of its professionalism, Nicolè Traslochi proposes accurate services of national and international removals and transportation all across the world for private individuals, companies and public authorities, and is particularly skilled in moving warehouses, archives, libraries and laboratories. The services the company offers are carried out by a qualified staff equipped with the latest means whose professionalism and expertise are guaranteed.


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