Move Services


For every packaging we provide for specific containers in order to protect the various kind of objects in every phase of the transport: fragile objects, books, linen, clothes, folders, archives and production materials, plastic and metal baskets, containers with wheels… All of this being completed by the use of shock-proof materials.


Our qualified personnel will take care of dismantling and reassembling kitchens, wardrobes, bookcases, modular furniture and anything else that is too big to be transported as is. During the reassembling phase, the pieces of furniture can be modified if so desired by the owner.


Mirrors, chandeliers, ceiling lights, kitchen and bookcase cabinets, bathroom accessories, curtain rails, paintings… Everything will be detached and attached again in the new house/location on any kind of wall.


In the case of moves towards international destinations or moves in which our storehouse is the destination, a package classification is provided using progressive numbers and a written description of the goods in the PACKING LIST.


Every furniture by us taken will be properly protected and wrapped, with different materials depending on the object’s fragility. Wooden cases can be built for the most fragile and delicate pieces such as: glass tables, paintings, vases, sculptures, antique furniture, glass chandeliers etc. We can also offer polyurethane containers for devices or pieces that cannot stand humidity and temperature inversions.


Loaders, drivers and qualified personnel for the movement of furniture and household goods will carefully load our vans (or boats if working in Venice) respecting volumes and weights. The direct transport to the destinationwill be done respecting the appointment with the client. For long distance trips the transport will be carried out during the night. Once at destination the trucks will be unloaded and the goods disposed in accordance with the guidelines given by the client. Accessibility and positioning concerns can be evaluated and discussed with the client if he needs it.


We will evaluate the service in its smallest details and based on our long lasting experience, we will be able to suggest the proper moving and transportation processes and chronicles, fitting your priorities and avoiding time waste.

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