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Nicolè Traslochi has been successfully managing the service of national moves for a long time. Its means are able to reach any place on national territory both by sea and on land. The preparatory operations are conducted with a particular accuracy, taking into consideration the volumes, trying to dismantle as many pieces of furniture as possible in order to save space and simplify the package handling operations. The materials used to ensure the perfect conservation of the packages change according to the transport means, by sea or on land. Once at destination and according to the agreement that will have been made, the Nicolè Traslochi personnel will unload, unpack and reassemble the pieces of furniture as well as the personal belongings and remove the used materials.


The Nicolè Traslochi international office arranges for all Origin Services and for customs export practices moving both by sea and by air from and to any destination worldwide. If moving from Italy, with the “door to door” service, once at destination you will find our qualified partner, who will deliver your household goods in the new house and take care of the custom import operations and any other “destination” service you might need.


Nicolè Traslochi pays particular attention to the private client’s needs and expresses its highest professionalism in domestic moves. The technical personnel conduct accurate surveys and inspections that provides information on the goods that need to be moved and on possible problems of accessibility. The cost estimation is given by the Nicolè Traslochi commercial office and it contains all the benefits agreed to as well as their costs, which will remain fixed and unvaried until the service ends. Over the long period of activity, Nicolè Traslochi experimented a wide range of containers and packaging materials, selecting and adopting those that better respond to practicality, hygiene and financial criteria. Nicolè Traslochi packers package the most fragile furniture, audio-visual devices, PCs, lamps, paintings, mirrors and works of art, and if necessary, they can also build personalized packages, taking into account size, shape and other characteristics of the piece. The operations of dismantling and reassembling the furniture are carried out by the Nicolè Traslochi specialised team.


Over the time Nicolè Traslochi has built a structure capable of facing and solving successfully any problem related to industrial moves and hundreds of companies entrusted themselves to Nicolè Traslochi for the transport of their offices, archives, warehouses or the company in its entirety to a new location. Dismantling operations of simple furnishing items like working stations, meeting rooms etc., or more complex ones as wardrobes, dividing and/or equipped walls, stands, floating floors, shelving, compact and mezzanine archives etc., are part of the normal benefits carried out by the company. The most fragile parts of a piece of furniture (glass tops, paintings, frames, mirrors, lacquered offices…) are wrapped into protective materials and sometimes placed in tailor-made wooden cages. The loading and unloading of the furniture and the boxes is carried out using different aerial platforms accordingly to the origin and destination building’s characteristics. The transport is realized with padded inner vans and tail lifts. Particularly prepared and equipped teams replace safes, armoured cabinets, copy machines. All the goods, duly labelled, are placed in their respective new locations complying meticulously with the layout previously sent by the client, refreshing the operational functionality of every single working station. If requested to, our personnel can also unpack all the documents and papers and dispose them in their designated new place respecting their original order.


Nicolè Traslochi carries out problematic services i.e. statues and works of art, vessels and crafts of any nature and size, industrial pieces with specific needs of preparation and transport and anything else that would need a specialised evaluation, with the consequent use of special equipment, materials and means. The specialised personnel will consider any need of intervention and will offer a personalised and customised service targeted at your very needs.


In case the client needs a place to store his household goods Nicolè Traslochi has worked out a system to keep furniture and household goods as long as necessary. The storehouse inside Nicolè Traslochi offices contains a range of storage units of different capacity, with particular isothermal and aeration characteristics, that guarantee the ideal climate for furniture and household goods conservation. Before picking them up, Nicolè Traslochi personnel will provide for their full packaging. The storehouse costs are estimated taking into account the encumbrance of the goods and are settled with monthly issued invoices.

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