Nicolè Traslochi has a large range of vehicles with different capacities and characteristics that allow the transportation of any load, from domestic to industrial moves, regardless of its size and characteristics: trucks and vans equipped with hydraulic tailgates and anchoring systems, crane trucks specialised in loading and transporting safes or other heavy and bulky articles, etc.


Nicolè Traslochi has all the specific equipment any kind of moving-related intervention may require: automatic or manual carriage, transpallets, hydrotrans, lifting equipment for heavy or bulky packages and other particular equipment to solve any specific problem.


Nicolè Traslochi, the leader company in Venice, is able to satisfy any kind of transportation request, both on land and by boat in the lagoon. In fact it owns boats of different capacity and size, provided with crane, barges or pontoons, allowing to reach any location in Venice even in the historic centre.


Our personnel is duly prepared and educated for the different kinds of intervention. Each work team is composed by a leader who organizes every move and transportation operation, coordinates the packers while they pack and protect the goods, he indicates if the use of special material is necessary, follows dismantling and assembling operations carried out by the specific personnel and/or carpenters, finally he is the one who decides whether if modifications or adjustments need to be done. Loaders and drivers will then complete the work, bringing everything to the new destination.

Nicolè traslochi srl

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